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19 February 2013

mua:: undressed review

of the undressed palette from mua, shades 2, 4 and 10 are my faves. shade 2 is an easy shade to wear every day for a natural highlight to your lids, and looks naturally smoky when blended with 10 around the corners and into the crease. shade 4 is a touch darker, so a little more dramatic for an everyday look, but again looks gorgeous when matched with a more solid shade around the creases. i also tried shades 5 and 8 because they seemed reaaaaally golden in the palette, but once applied were not as vampy.. which was a good thing, because i was worried it would come out like 90's glitter. which it didn't. why don't the shades just have names? confusing.
the shades are really lightweight but long-wearing, and the pigments are really easily blended without losing their own individuality. for £4 i wasn't expecting very much - but have really been surprised. i teamed these shades with my extreme felt liner that i reviewed here last year and wasn't best pleased with; this time around, i feel like maybe i was too harsh. the liner is incredibly easy to use, and the felt tip is longer than the c2000 that i'm used to, so i get a longer, more precise line. the colour is still not the darkest or thickest it could be, but for a day time look, it's probably purrrfect. which do you prefer?

*the lighting was terrible, so very hard to show the true colour - the swatches are closer to accurate