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dahlia, dahling

you. guys. by now you know i have an unhealthy obsession with dahhhling london label dahlia, and why not, when they not only design the prettiest, most lady-like clothes i've ever seen, but also when they host schamazing competitions like the one at the moment. you know the one? the one where you stand to win an entire season's worth of clothing? yes, that one. well, do i have some news to share with you. in honour of the impending valentine's day, dahlia are also throwing in a free gift with every purchase from their love list collection. for like, free. not to mention the free delivery to most US and UK addrseses. so it's basically all free. 
skirt here//shirt here
dress here
shirt here//skirt here
dahlia's new accessory range is so pretty and shiny and you'd be crazy to not get involved. the love ring set comes as your free gift with any purchase from the love list collection, but there are other beautiful pieces on offer - and really reasonably priced! so... pop on over to dahlia and have a lookie... which is your favourite piece from the love list collection?

*i promise i am not getting paid for this post, although i wish i was. no, but really. i think dahlia make such pretty, girly, feminine clothes, and i adore (most) of there stuff. full disclosure: the more you click those links, the higher chance i have of winning a competition to design my own piece for dahlia. that would be the coolest thing ever, and i'm currently ranked 5th in the running. please help a sister out and keep clicking the links, no matter how many times i ask. it means the world to me that you even read my nonsense, so to win something like this because of you would be.. emotional. so, thank you for getting me 5th place so far. you're all stars*


  1. Wauw, such a great collection indeed! Never even heard of them before.
    I've fallen head over heels for their diamante lattice short necklace... it's shiny and sparkly and gold. What more can a girl want? *wipes away drool*

  2. I have decided I would look great in the Utah White Lace Maxi Dress with Bondage Inspired Detail. The end.

  3. I just basically sent my computer into overdrive clicking all those links! Haha. Do you know if they ship to Australia? I can't get over how cute the clothes are!

    1. they definitely do my love!! they're available on and too X

  4. I have never heard of Dahlia until now, how cute is that metallic skirt! Such cute items they have. Going to have a nosey round the site now...

    Rhiannon x

  5. they do make such pretty dresses x

  6. I love Dahlia too! I bought one of my favourite dresses from there a couple of years ago, and then after 2 wears idiotically shrank it in the wash :(((
    So glad you stumbled on my blog as I've now stumbled on yours and am loving it x


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