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24 February 2013

the weekend edition :: 8

Friday afternoon was our quarterly communication session at work, so we bunked off work early and headed for Ronnie Scott's for an afternoon of schmoozing and boozing. 300 employees and an open bar. need I say more? no, probably not. after the very, very short comms session we headed across Soho to Tiger Tiger in Theatreland where we had an area booked for post-drinks drinks. there, we found Bex waiting for us, then she and I headed to the bar to catch up and consume a lot of wine. we hadn't done either together since... Christmas? I don't even know. we were oblivious to everything else happening, but somehow the night got out of control (quicker than normal, that is) so we ended up leaving fairly early. Bex had brought her gear for a sleepover, so we headed home; bleary eyed, we stayed up eating fried chicken and talking absolute nonsense until we were three tired bunnies and put ourselves to bed...

on Saturday morning we got up and had breakky while watching Pitch Perfect -  me for the fifth time, Bex for the very first (very happy I took her Fat Amy virginity!), then headed off to Bromley for some suburban shopping. we both did fairly well out of it, even though we managed to miss the majority of the shops in lieu of spending an hour or so in Primark (standard). I picked up two new pastel cardis and a gorgeous white angora lace/crochet jumper, as well as an MUA mini haul (review coming soon!).

boyfriend and I spent the remainder of the day watching terrible films and eating a fried breafast for dinner and popcorn for desert. don't judge us. today has been spent tweaking the blog and cleaning the house (a bit). I'm still in my PJ's and it's nearing dinner time, and I can't think of any other way I would have preferred to spend the day.

how has your weekend been spent?