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26 February 2013

mua lip boom review

after reading lauren's review of the mua lip boom in it's a situation, i had to have it. bex and i headed out shopping on saturday morning and my first destination was the mua stand at superdrug. i picked up the lip boom in both it's a situation and cheeky, for £3 each, and because of an in-store promo, even scored a free lip liner in pink me up, usually £1... boom indeed! while perusing the shelves, i also picked up shimmer kiss blusher in pinky pinks for another £3, and i was indeed happy with my little mini haul!

the tube breaks into four parts; a small pot, a lipstick, the glitter gloss and the applicator. it took me ages to figure out what the smallest pot was for, but i think it's actually just a glitter-less gloss for a topcoat if you don't want to use the glittery gloss... which is reheeeaaally glittery. like, the kind of glitter that shouldn't be seen post 1999. the lipstick kind of gliiiides on, not really very thick, which at first i thought was a bad sign, but the colour is still very much there. the glitter gloss makes it feel like there was lipstick there... but that's because unless my lips are wet i forget there's anything else going on.
the natural lighting is kind of false advertising, because this isn't really what i saw in the mirror... the darker 'it's a situation' was the same as 'cheeky' as far as gliding on very easily, but the colour was a lot more obvious than the lighter pink. maybe because i'm naturally verrry fair and plum lipstick just proves that.  the glitter seemed even more obvious in this colour, so i probably won't use that end - sadly, because i found that the applicator helped me spread the colour more evenly than i could apply straight from the stick. probably because i apply lipstick like an 8 year old, who knows.

cheeky was my fave of the two, but i will definitely be wearing both. bloody bargains! i recommend!