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3 February 2013

the weekend edition :: 5

this weekend, i finally got to meet my newest favourite person: kim, of what peggy said. we met...or rather, 'discovered each other', a few months ago when we got chatting over twitter and instagram. that minor stalking quickly turned to emailing, which snowballed to texting - daily, and thanks to a very successful first date on saturday, has now become a full-blown, real-life friendship. we had been planning this meet for a month or so, when the big day fiiiiinally came around, well... i was nervous! we knew so much about each other, and yet so little - and we had no computer screens to hide behind, it was going to be hard!

well, hard it was not. we met by southwark cathedral (that kim tells me her great gran was married in in the 30's - so cool!), had one awkward hug - followed by another definitely not awkward hug, then headed straight for the takeaway coffee line at monmouth. in the line, all my fears and nervousness was dispelled, as we chatted away like we were old friends, and the day carried much on the same...

we did the standard borough market plodding, and were spoon fed some delicious jam - that we bought, don't worry, and bought and scoffed some even more delicious brownies, before deciding to bypass the bus and instead head out on foot to judy's vintage fair at spitalfeilds market.

after a spot of fabulous vintage shopping, we headed into central london for some real retail therapy. first stop: the massive new primark at tottenham court road; four floors of bargains. one of the maaaany things that kim and i have in common is our love of cheap clothes. so, this new mega store was high on the list of things to do. hours later, we were starved so headed to my absolute favourite soho restaurant for sustinence. by the time we were done eating, it was almost 3pm, and kim had to head back to liverpool street for her train back to norwich by 4:30. we had just over an hour and half of shopping left!

forever 21 stole our attention for the best part of the rest of the day, where we oohed and aahed over all the pretty, bright and pastel spring things and splurged on some lovely things for ourselves. a successful shopping day was had by all! 

all in all, it was a fantastic first date, and hopefully the first of many more. we had such a great day, the time flew by so quickly - there were tons of things i wanted to do with kim in london, and one whole day was not enough considering the amount of chatting we did over coffees. there will definitely be a next time!

thanks for coming kim #bffs x