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20 February 2013

w.i.w.t. :: sunshine in my eyes

sunday was such a brilliant blue day, that i forced boyfriend to take pictures of an outfit that i truly threw on off a pile on the floor. zero thought went into it, and somehow, all the accessories matched; i rule! i forgot to do my eyebrows, and in the natural sun i look, well, odd. squinty mcsquinteson at your service.

i promised rebekah when she bought me this bag (for no other reason than because she loves me) that i would #wiwt or #ootd it soon - the time has come! it's a beauty. the perfect minty colour, adorable scalloped flap, gold tips - it's a winner! the purple tights and bunting choker were impulse buys on my regular saturday morning afternoon jaunt to primark - how much do you love this necklace! i've bought another to be included in an upcoming giveaway (once i reach 200 gfc followers!), and the rest? all bits and bobs from the wardrobe. voila!

denim jacket:: h&m
striped skater:: petticoat lane market
tights+pumps+necklace:: primark
felt bow:: handmade
mint scallop bag:: asos