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15 February 2013

five things

1. thanks to the wonder that is the internet, i have found a new bag to covet. enter spanish brand kling and their pink biscuit bag. isn't it the most perfect bag you've seen since the mint scalloped bag my amazing friend rebekah bought me recently? whose turn is it next to buy me presents? anyone? oh. too bad. looks like i'll be covetting from afar for now.. (in other news. look at their shoes!)

2. speaking of adorable bags, these lulu guiness charity shopping bags this year are so. much. fun! (thanks sam and donna  for the heads up on these!) need. soon, please.

3. i don't want to ruin new girl for anyone who isn't as addicted and caught up as we are here in our house, but when this happened, i felt like this (scroll to number 11).

4. have you heard of the messy project? i thought about signing up, but i'm so... picky about what i wear that it might be a waste. then i saw katie and her 8 outfits from 8 pieces and thought... she can do no wrong.

5. this. i'm sorry. you're welcome. and, happy valentine's day.
happy friday! have a great weekend, and don't forget to enter the dahlia competition x