17 February 2013

the weekend edition :: 7

today we woke up to a burst of sunlight warming up the backyard. after a tea and skype with the mama, boyfriend and i headed out into chinbrook meadow to take some pics and bask in the sunny warmth. it hasn't been a very productive weekend, that i'll admit, but getting out in the sun and seeing the puppies and the kids playing again makes up for all of that. and, boyfriend found a ball. it's hard to believe that not even two weeks ago it was still snowy in this exact same park. ahh spring; you've definitely sprung up on us this year! 

please don't be a stranger now, ya hear!


  1. Such lovely photos, you make me wish I'd taken advantage of the good weather and headed out for a walk!

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

  2. Far out! How beautiful can England be? Seriously! All of yours and Kim's photos make me just dieeee with wanting uni to end so I can go adventuring! The boyfriend and I have semi-decided that a move to England (at least for a year or so) is on the cards when I'm done with study and I'm itching to go!


thank you for your comment, you lovely thing you.