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6 February 2013

w.i.w.t :: pretty in pinks

this is my new favourite outfit. i picked the most part up while out and about with kim on saturday, and once again i am literally repping primark all over. that's right, everything (even down to my under crackers) is from primark - except for my fun new urban gal octopus necklace (free shipping coupon 'beingerica') which you have no doubt noticed me wearing a lot lately. good, it's because it's ace and i love it.

so this skater skirt is the most perfect colour. it reminds me of this dahlia pu cutout skirt i've coveted forever (until it sold out, wah!) it's a gorgeous mock-pleather (what does that even mean?) with a pretty floral embossed print all over. it's kind of shiny which gives it that pleather look, but it's definitely only a synthetic cotton. it sits really nicely from the thick waist band - the only problem is it is kiiiiinda short. maintaining my dignity was difficult, but worth the effort!

the shirt i picked up on sale, and it's hard to tell in the pictures but it's a soft pastel pink, with cream polka dots on the arms and on the collar. too sweet! it fits really well, too. in hindsight the black singlet underneath was a bit dramatic.. i will need to obtain a nude one for the next outing. i think this outfit would look softer without the black. now what kind of pattern could break up this pink-fest? leopard print, naturally! the loafers and belt were christmas presents from boyfriend, and i think they were the perfect accent to this outfit.