9 April 2013

w.i.w.t :: minty fresh

apologies for all the bokeh, but i just discovered the feature on my photo editor, and you all know how much i luuuuuuurve all of the glitter! guuuuys, i'm so sick of this weather. the day i wore this, it properly snowed in london. and, i was unprepared. i've been attempting to beat the winter blues by pretending that it actually is spring. i mean, it technically is, but you'd never know it. even when the sun comes out, it's bloody cold. chilly to the core. so, mint flats and my favourite bag were both defiant hints at mother nature as i left the house, that i'm over her shit - that soon turned to embarrassment when i got to work and froze to death.

and that's the day i died.

cardigan :: primark
dress :: forever 21
shoes :: h&m
bag :: asos
bow :: handmade
belt :: new look

damn. i almost made it through one outfit post without a new look feature.


  1. It hasn't snowed here for a while. Come to Scotland! Love your outfit tho, as per. Especially like the wee knot in your cardi! Cuuuuute xx

    1. i definitely want to come back to scotland! if i make it to edi again this year, we're having cocktails somewhere fancy!

  2. I love that dress! And I think Mother Nature is supposed to start behaving this week, so you won't be dying of hypothermia on your way to work (hopefully)! Xo

  3. You always look so darn nice, Erica! I love me some polkadots! I am so envious of your dress collection! My meagre pay packet just does not allow the kuxury of owning a bazillion dresses :(

    1. er... mine either. we just have different priorities! x

  4. Oh hello GORGEOUS. I like what you're wearing. Give me a call sometime

    OK I'm going to stop the pervy old man routine in case you don't know I'm joking (im not joking about you being perdy but you know what I mean)

    lots of love xx

  5. This is so adorable! I have that same dress from Forever 21 and am excited to wear it in a very springish outfit! Your teal cardigan looks fantastic with it.


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