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13 April 2013

time travel :: wales day two

day one is here

on saturday morning, boyfriend and i woke to a sniffing under the lounge room door. sadie the labrador pup trying to make her way into her room! i'd checked my mail and found that one of those voucher/holiday websites had emailed me a list of hotels with *great deals* for the holidays, and one of them was right down the road. for the £30 price, and the promise of a queen bed and luxury-esque sheets, how could we say no?! we booked on line, and then i received the text message of the year:

"Do you like cooked breakfasts? Beans, sausage egg, bacon & toast?"

i mean, what sort of question is that?! so after an amazing cooked breakfast by sean, laura, boyfriend and i headed off to cardiff where we were to meet up with the others to start the next adventure: off to caerphilly castle for the day!

we five met at the train station and after getting our day group bonus cheap day rate tickets, we were caerphilly bound! the walk from the station to the castle was short, and quick peep up the road made it easy to find it's whereabouts; just head to that there castle in the distance!

lots of stones, wind, ducks and stupid poses ensued, and an hour or two later, we were just about castled out. besides the multiple photo opportunities, there wasn't really too much going on at the castle. there wasn't a lot of information about it, so i really have come away with no idea about what caerphilly castle is all about. except, well... it's got a moat. so that was cool.

after the sightseeing, we headed pub-ward! 2-4-1 lunches and a few cheeky pints later, we were stuffed to the brim and about ready to leave. boyfriend and i had plans to cook laura and sean dinner that night, and then planned for an early night in our luxury-esque hotel room above the - as it turns out, most popular wetherspoons in newport. it was a lovely grade 2 listed period building, with a labrynth of suits above the pub, and boy oh boy was it warm. we headed to our room for a nap before getting back to laura's for dinner, when we forgot the way to the bus station so just walked instead.

being easter weekend there wasn't a lot of fresh produce in the supermarket. so instead we picked up what we could and whipped them up a massive lasagne and fresh salad, with a bottle of pink wine to boot. it was delicious, and not too long after devouring it, we were headed home for some much needed kip.

another great day with some great people, in a wonderful little country. with that, i leave you with this: