26 April 2013

five things

i literally don't know why this feature is called 'five things' anymore. i should rename it 'one hundred things', or 'five kinds of things'. but, there's a lot of things out there that i'm loving at the moment! maybe it's the weather. anyway... lotsa links incoming!

1. [news] what has the homemaker's icon gone and done here? cath kidston sneering the domestic goddesses - that'd be us - that keep her empire afloat? the cheek! except to be fair.. i think that writer has gone and put a lot of her own opinions in that there piece.. i love chintz personally! and, i love a new rewards card! also, would like all of this for the new flat, please.

2. [food] i mentioned root beer floats yesterday, and some of you had no idea what i meant. this made me sad, because everyone should expererience the satisfaction of a float! it doesn't even have to be root beer! just as yum with creaming soda or vanilla coke! yum, yum, yum! exclamation points! (you can buy american sweets and sodas online if you're as lazy as me and can't be bothered going to an actual shop) toni of lemon freckles has enviable baking skills, and cutlery. what a winning combo. poppy loves salad in a jar! what a genius idea.

3. [from the web] here are the only 8 inventions that never need updating. the sunday girl tells us you know you're a beauty blogger when... (i am not, and am guilty of a few of those, #lbloggers rejoice!) kaelah's instagram is the most lovely of them all. this cat knows how to relax. and this is the perfect tattoo for a few of you..

4. [fashion] shell is giving us an exclusive discount at emerging thoughts! wah! oh, leona. so adorable. michelle reviews etsy shop ripe - i'm sorry, red velvet lip balm? gimmegimmegimme! i know this isn't *news* but... kate nash for modcloth? want it. want it all. and, all of these.

5. [picture] not only is this bed dreamy - how brilliant is this diy tissue paper garland? or this ice cream cone one? i think they would look perfect above my new bed... if we ever decide on one! this is my fave so far though... tossing up between this and the one in the pic of the garland...(imagine them surrounded by pastels)
have a great weekend!

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  1. That piece about Cath Kidston is preposterous! It is definitely a case of bad journalism where the author has injected her opinion into every sentence. I like Cath Kidston's stuff because it's pretty, not because I want to be a 50's housewife. What's so bad about eating off pretty plates? I mean, you've got to eat off something whether you like it or not, may as well make it a pretty something! xx


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