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27 April 2013

live cute, stay cuter!

i have been a tumblr-cum-instagram follower of miss xanadu julie for so long now, i (creepily) think of her as a friend. i'm sure she feels the same way. if you know who i'm talking about, you'll know why. this girl lives in a world made up of candy floss and bubble gum and bunnies and glitter, and easily has one of the most happy-go-lucky blogs i have ever seen. she's a cutsey kawaii pop princess, with to-die-for hair and amazing decoden skills.

so, a few weeks ago when the lady herself put a call out for bloggers and vloggers to review some products from her shop, i emailed her straight away. i have been smitten by her shop for as long as i've 'known' julie, and really the only thing holding me back for this long has been indecisiveness. honestly, there are so many adorable, hand made treasures in her shop, i end up putting everything in my basket, and then walking away with nothing when i can't make up my mind!

lucky for me, julie took pity on me despite my blog not really having the right amount of traffic, and i think in part it was thanks to all of my constant creeping. see kids, stalking your idols really does pay off!!

cue my overwhelming happiness at receiving the above present. the best part? it's all custom made, so no one else has the same stuff as me! these earrings (similar) are so cheap; only us$12 + $5 int'l postage, so delivered to the uk we're talking £11 total. eleven pounds. the compact mirror (so cute) is even cheaper, at us$8 + postage, so about £8.50 delivered. all that cutsey goodness, for less than a tenner? sold.

my favourite things in her shop at the moment are these big kawaii mickey earrings and this pearl iphone case - both so girly and glam, and these shades are perfect for our impending summer.. if it ever comes. so, if you love yourself some girly glam, get involved with julie's shop. you won't regret it.