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19 April 2013

five things

it's friday, i'm in love. mostly because this week i have had the sniffles and i can't wait for a sleep in. also, i'm using off the rest of my groupon credits from earlier in the year by way of an hour long swedish massage tomorrow, oh yes! and i cannot wait. no other plans this weekend, will probably start the 5 week long process of clearing out the junk for our big move next month.. wanna help? onwards, for the link love fest!

1. have you seen me over on autumn's blog? when she asked me to guest post i died (may not be live as you're reading this.. but it really truly is happening.. soon). and also thanks to miss bee for this post, which saw me snap up that adorrrrrable pig phone cover (in pink so what) as soon as humanly possible. now, the excruciating 3 week wait for it to arrive from china. le sigh.

2. a few weeks back at judy's vintage fair, carmen scored herself a mint-choc-chip cupcake. from then, i have been dreaming about it. then i found this recipe through the week, and knew it was a sign! (you're so welcome)

3. this infuriating then enlightening article of the struggle to get equality in print, in celebration of new zealand's momentous move forward in their passage of the marriage equality bill. you go, new zealand. it's been a proud week for this honourary kiwi.

4. this 50's inspired dress from le bomb shop on ebay. i saw kate post it in navy, and haaaad to have it. i will be purchasing... soon.

5. do you follow elizabeth from rosalilum on pinterest? you should. her 'kitchen' board is so dreamy. here is my favourite pin... i waaant it in my new flat, please.

happy friday kids!