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14 April 2013

the weekend edition :: bff

back in february, when kim and i met properly in the flesh, we promised each other it wouldn't be long til we hung out again. well, this weekend we came good on that deal, and i headed to norwich for the day. up early to start the journey there, i jumped on the train at liverpool street with a giant coffee, a delicious raspberry and white chocolate muffin and the newest company mag to keep me busy. texts from kim warned of sun, and i couldn't have been more glad to see the backside of dreary london!

two hours later, and there was my little bff, dressed in her hometown colours, to meet me at the station. i hugged her for the longest time, so happy to be seeing her again! when i talk about her to people, they all know kim as @whatpeggysaid or as my 'online friend'. nobody really understands our friendship, but that's ok with me. it means it's ours, and it's special, and nobody can take her away from us. she's miiiine!

we walked a short way to the lanes, where we first visited the mahoooosive cath kidston store. sure enough, we ended up buying matching strawberry brooches, because that's how we roll. after that, we strolled the backstreets before ending up at primark so i could pick up some sunnies - she wasn't wrong about the sun.. oh, so, bright!

we dipped in and out of charity shops all through the city, until we ended up at biddy's tea rooms - snug between little boutique vintage shops. it was so pretty in there! just like the kind of tea room i would open myself - everything was great britannia and shabby chic - very vintage inspired and eclectic... perfect! over afternoon tea, kim and i swapped gifts and gossiped about her upcoming hens, and just got comfy - and ever so loud. hard to believe, i know...

after tea, we wandered some more, stopping in at several local flea markets and vintage shops - kim doing rather well with a new-to-her dress and some (more) bargain pyrex, while i came away empty handed. oh well, a first for everything! while we were out, texts and tweets started coming through that my email had been hacked. a few frantic phone calls to boyfriend had him changing passwords from home before any damage could be done - thankfully the extent of the hack was a few spam emails and an attack on my IP address, meaning we've had to now restore my laptop to get the internet cache cleared. drama!

while out in the flea market, i was getting such furniture envy.. there were soooo many great vintage pieces available, and i was getting rather annoyed at the fact that come the time we move into our new flat, we will never be able to find that sort of amazing stuff. *cries*

after that, we headed to the forum in the city to have another tea. by this time, it was getting grey and threatening rain. it wasn't great. we decided to retire to kim's house for a few hours, so i could recharge my phone and we could both recharge our batteries. i also got to meet the miss peggy sue, and she loves me! after that, we met up with kim's fiance rory and had ourselves some dinner and drinks before heading to the train station for my train home (where i was forced to listen to a couple get drunker and drunker the closer we got to london, while insisting on playing their horrible music out loud, and talk non-stop about their night ahead at ministry of sound, all because i'd left my earphones at home that morning. i literally wanted to rip my ears off).

i had an amazing day with kim; norwich was a pretty little city and i'm so glad i finally got to meet both peggy and rory! i'll be back to norwich in a few weeks for kim's hens, when we're heading to cambridge for the night to party a way her singledom! can't wait, miss her already.