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2 April 2013

style crush :: the flack

having never heard of this little lady until moving to the uk, i instantly fell in love with the woman's style. and dem pins! lady got legs for days - despite being a foot tall. she makes the absolute most of what she has and she. flaunts. it. *clicks fingers in a z* (sorry)

always in a uniform of shorts and blazer, she mixes peter pan collars and lady ties with sweet scallops and sky high heels. and that haiiiiir! the perfect ombre; she gives me massive hair inspiration (and envy). lady is a babe. shall we touch on (or just touch) harry styles? no.. i suppose not.
sorry the pic is not great. i am having issues posting pictures and using the blogger import tool to format... it's blowing the pic out and making them fuzzy. do you know how to fix this? suggestions welcome...