25 April 2013

i want candy

when the wonderful charlie of yankee pop asked if i would be interested in sampling some of their freshly imported treats, i just about laughed in response. i mean, what kind of question is that?! being a fully fledged member of both the sweet tooth alliance and a female in their 20's (just), how could i say no to that? i warned him that if he was making false claims about this offer that i would hunt him down and kill him. and then this arrived (albeit 2 weeks later, no thanks to the wonder that is royal mail)..

and that's the day i died.

died and went to a chocolatey, refined sugar-filled heaven. i haven't had taffy since i was on holiday in the states over 10 years ago. when i was trying to explain taffy to boyfriend, the best comparison i could come up with was "it's like stripes". for the record: taffy is nothing like maoam. so i devoured the strawberry taffy while he was prepping dinner; i'd finished the entire thing by the time he was done. i then started on the banana - then i was bus-ted.

i was like an actual child in a sweet shop.

if you're a fan of candy like i am, and don't have the luxury of an overpriced olde fashioned candy store nearby, you can now buy american sweets from yankee pop here in the uk - they'll deliver all your favourite treats (just about) everywhere inside the uk, and have a massssssive range of retro soda too! a+w root floats anyone?! if loving american candy is wrong, i don't wanna be right.

thank you yankee pop! god bless america.


  1. I've never tried pop tarts before, but have always wanted to! In Australia they are so over-priced even though you can get them basically anywhere now. I honestly think I actually would have died should a package like this arrive at my doorstep! xx

    1. you've never WHAT? sunae.. girl.. you're missing out!

  2. I love this! I did a swap a few years ago with a girl in london and she sent me the BIGGEST bar of cadbury chocolate I had ever seen and I sent her a bunch of american candy. It's so easy to forget that it's not sold in other countries.

    And I devoured that chocolate in record time!

    Sarah // Bring More Yarn

    1. see, i'm from australia, and our cadbury choc is diff to cadbury in the UK so i always get mum to send me aussie sweets too! it's just funny what you're used to and then having something new and amazing that can be found easily elsewhere!

  3. its so funny to read this bc i live in the us and we have these poptarts and candies in every market... for so cheap!

  4. Just found your blog via The Dusty Attic (as a fellow Versatile Blogger Award nominee :) ) and I am loving what I've read so far - mostly for the pictures of Pop Tarts; I'm not going to lie.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    Katie x


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