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17 April 2013

w.i.w.t :: spring + glory

i bought these tights (and a few other colours) a few weeks ago, and now that the sun was out, what a perfect opportunity to show them off! i am wearing cream under the pink, as someone on twitter advised this would be the pest way of making a coloured pair of tights less bright and more pastel. well, you can see that hasn't quite worked out...

i got a few looks out on the street, but.. i had hot pink legs, so, what did i expect? i would really like some baby pink ones, but.. if the cream were anything to go by, they show off my cellulite too much and i felt really self conscious in them. i usually do anyway, cos i don't have the most ideal legs, but... what you gonna domaybe i'm not brave enough yet to tackle the coloured legs trend!

i couldn't decide which set of flowers to go with, but boyfriend said he preferred the clip in, so it was decided. i wore this out food shopping on sunday, and man alive it felt so good to be in a small jacket and not in a heavy coat! it was windy so i was grateful for two pairs of tights to ensure my dignity was in tact by the time i got home...
bag :: asos
floral clip + crown :: crown & glory
jacket :: miss selfridge
dress :: valleygirl
tights + shoes ::  primark