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23 April 2013

w.i.w.t :: all that glitters is good

on wednesday as i was managing my inbox, my eyes fell upon a delightful new email from dahlia; in it -beside the beautiful spring frocks and lacy blouses, was a model wearing the beautiful chambray pinny that i have been coveting for months now. literally, months. check my polyvore and you can see for yourself that i used this pinny at least twice since february. i was so happy that it was fiiiiinally [back?] in stock, i just about burst out of my seat with joy. so happy, that i completely overlooked the price, and instantly started planning what i was going to wear with it the very next day, and probably every day from then until eternity.

choosing my size and proceeding to the checkout, i was blissfully ignorant to the fact that.. well, probably i wasn't going to have enough money this close to payday to cover it. my heart sank; i was gutted. i think i remember feeling a tear well in my eye.. well ok, it probably wasn't quite that bad. but, i was pretty annoyed at myself, and already planning how i could ask get them to hold it for me for a week until i got paid. it seemed like a reasonable request at the time..

just as i was ready to throw my hands up in despair, i remembered a discount code i had received from dahlia, for being a runner up in a competition they held recently. at the time, i couldn't decide what to buy, so i filed it away in an email folder for a rainy day. in particular, this rainy day! as i hurriedly scouted for the bloody email, i prayed that i hadn't spring cleaned it right into the rubbish but, but... no! there it was! with a sigh of relief and hope in my heart, i entered the code at the check out and proceeded to... an rejected voucher code. it had expired.

and that's the day i died.

jokesssss. one quick email to the ever helpful harriet over at dahlia hq saw the code immediately reinstated, and the impulse-purchase of the year completed in record time. just like that. harriet also arranged for me to be able to pick up the dress from the boutique on carnaby street that night rather than wait for the standard delivery. she really is a gem, that girl, and dahlia are very lucky to have her. i tell her that all the time..

telling boyfriend was a cinch. he was super understanding.

"we're going to dahlia after work"
"why? are you returning something again?"
"no! picking something up!"
"why? just so you can return it again?"
"no! this time it will be perfect!"

and perfect it was. i got loads of compliments at work, and despite the straps falling down all day, i felt bloody special. and then i twirled in it, while he took pictures.

dress :: dahlia
shirt :: ebay
shoes :: topshop