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18 April 2013

worldwide wardrobe wishlist

money supermarket are back with another epiiiiic (geddit?) competition for all the stylish bloggers on here, to be in the chance to win an amazing holiday of their choice - all you have to do, is create the perfect outfit for that destination, for under £200. under £200? easy. what's with all these competitions baiting me to spend more money than what i currently have? soooo uncool, man.

so, the holiday destinations are super varied, meaning there's something to suit everyone; cocktails in new york, sightseeing in paris, shopping in london, clubbing in ibiza or partying on the beaches of thailand. my destination of choice? sightseeing in the city of love. i have been to paris twice since living in the uk, and i absolutely adore it - the city is so pretty. you can easily waste your days wandering the beautiful streets, admiring the romantic architecture, taking in the freshly baked smells from the streets.

j'adore paris...

so what do you think of my outfit? it comes in well under budget, and i can definitely see myself wearing this while wandering the backstreets of paris. yes, it's pink, move on.

how brilliant is this pinny? it's from dahlia, and i finally own it, weeeee! the light chambray is comfy and yet still very flattering, with enough room around my giant boobs for this pretty little lacy tee. i know from experience that walking the cobbled streets of paris requires comfy shoes, so what better than these glam little loafers? nothing, you're right.

the small floral ji ji kiki bag is big enough for these asos sunnies, my passport and iphone, while the straw hat is obviously a necessity for the glorious french sun. the pretty tea ring set is now on sale at ever ours, for £1. one stirling. one whole great british pound. what on earth costs one pound these days? this ring does.

just in case of chilly weather, the final purchase is the magenta knit for the long trip up le'eiffel tower, which is where i will spend the remaining balance - if i remember rightly from  my last trip, it's roughly 30euro.

so, money supermarket; have passport - will travel. although, deciding which destination to enter was tough - i would love to sit around in a new york bar, sipping cocktails, so maybe i will have to submit a second entry. thank you to the wonderful sue from predict the day who tagged me in this competition, if it weren't for her, i wouldn't be in with a chance!

where is your ideal travel destination?