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11 April 2013

w.i.w.t :: coral frenzy

boyfriend is fired as photographer to the stars. it's time to invest in a tripod and decent camera, don't you think? probably time to invest in a new way to wear shirts, too. what's with all the knots lately? i wore this out over the weekend when the sun came out for two glorious days in row - unheard of! i popped out to do some primark shopping after i read about becky's haul, then had to pop to sainsy's to stock the cupboards up once more. i was only out for a couple of hours on sunday, but by gum, wasn't it fun to not need a coat!

shirt, shoes, bag :: primark
bow :: being erica shop
top + skirt :: new look (both 9-15 generation)
deer necklace :: urban gal (20% off with code beingerica)