12 April 2013

five things

ahhh friday. what a bitch. drinking on a school night is always never a good idea. but, it happens. tomorrow i'm off to norwich to hang out with kimmy for the day - and i can't wait! we're going to spend our day trawling flea markets, drinking tea and gossiping like the old ladies we are. fun! as for now, behold this weeks splendour...

1. miss summer recently celebrated 500 gfc readers! even though this will soon mean nothing to us now that google have decided to do away with gfc, it's still a bloody great achievement! to celebrate, a bunch of us are helping her host a giveaway - pop over and see what's up for grabs!

2. it's such a shame that international shipping costs so much from america! there are so many stores that i would have a field day in, if only they had UK resellers or global shipping scheme like asos.com... like this and these from lulu's, these babies from b.a.i.t. and duh, all of these from modcloth (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)...

3. a little closer to home though, urban gal have some new stock in for spring, and lucky for you they're offering you lot 20% off with the code beingerica! hip hoppity on over! oh, did you see me guest post over at polka dot pinky this week? it's all about meeee!

4. brown sugar baked fries and birthday cake martini over at a beautiful mess. you're welcome. diy floral bun wraps by bre. did you see katherine's tips on how to best take outfit pics by yourself? note how 'use your iphone' doesn't once come up - not even once. charlotte's knack of making her tiny posts full of hilarity. why do i write so much crap? i love kailey! and i love this kid and her cat!

5. do you have instagram's envy effect? i do. and i am guilty of the unfollow. interesting. as is this bedroom, which i hope to recreate soon in the new flat (dream on, dreamer):

check out the full set here
happy friday folks!


  1. That bedroom is amazing! God I wish I could afford a good camera - using the iphone puts me off taking outfit photos so much! xx

    1. yesssss well, the day i win the lottery, expect to see really well shot and edited pictures. until then... iphone on, my friend!

  2. I found that staying off the Internet helped me feel better when going through low periods/Moods! I agree with te Instagram effect but try to take everything online with a pinch of salt!

    1. great advice to keep in mind all the time, i think! x

  3. I love Norwich for all its quirky lanes, vintage shops and I fully recomend Biddy's tea shop! A gorgeously vintage tea room with comfy seating and reasonably priced food.
    Kate xx


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