ally ebdon presents :: lil espresso cup d.i.y.

When you move into a new house you really realise that it's the details that make a room feel homely. Ever since we've moved, I've found every blank wall stares at me screaming "fill me, fill me!" and I keep having little urge to fill shelves with useless knick knacks. Although the bedroom and lounge now looks pretty lived in, I've had a real problem with the kitchen as there just aren't that many kitchen knick knacks available. 

I decided what I really needed was some cute cups and since the sharpie method has never worked for me (seriously!? Has that worked for anyone!?) I thought I would give ceramic pens a go. The results were amazing; completely dishwasher safe and easy to paint with- who could ask for more!?

You will need:
Ceramic cups - I bought these little espresso cups from Ikea for a few pounds!
Ceramic paints/ pens
A pencil
A paint brush
1. Take your cup, make sure it is completely clean and dry. 
2. With a pencil, draw on your design. 
3. Carefully go over your design with your pen working on outlines first. 
4. When your outline is dry, fill in the space. You will need two coats of the black to make it look nice and glossy. 
5. For the lips paint on using your paintbrush. I loaded up the brush with a lot of paint and then dabbed it on in little dots. 
6. To add a little blush to the cheeks get some paint on your paintbrush and then dab most of it off onto a tissue. Then slowly brush your paint brush to create a faint colour. 

To really top off your design add a little corresponding pattern to the saucer. I opted for a little hello for these cheeky pair. Aren't they a cute couple?

errrr... only definitely! these are so adorable, and brilliantly easy to recreate! thank you so much to ally for taking over the reigns here today while i take a little break... check out more from ally over at her gorgeous blog now that's pretty