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12 September 2013

we interrupt this scheduled program...

this month i've been lucky enough to have some of the uk's quirkiest and most unique clothing and accessory brands hanging out on my sidebar. how chuffed am i!? only very. so, let me share some of my favourite pieces from their shops with you...

gemleys of london has some truly special pieces. delicate and feminine, their range is completely customisable, making their handmade pieces totally original and unique. my favourite picks from their shop are the 1 // citrine raindrop necklace which i basically love because the sunny shade of yellow will bring back those warm, summer memories, even on the dreariest of winter days, and also this 7 // marshmallow quartz ring, simply because it's named after one of my favourite sweets. plus it's the perfect stone and setting to compliment, well, literally hundreds of outfit options.

ji ji kiki are a well-loved brand around here, and you'd know that if you'd been reading a while. their new-in dresses like the 4 // summertime songbird dress, 5 // raspberry crush dress and 6 // pretty pansies sundress are the perfect transitional dresses to take us from summer to winter, without getting tied down to the standard autumnal colours (they're not my cuppa tea, ladies). if you're like me and like your accessories to match, then the 2 // a little bit of sunshine bag and 8 // seaside promenade bag are here to help. bold and bright, ji ji kiki have a huge range or quirky and unique pieces that you just won't find on the high street. 

the oriental magpie are an up and coming homewares boutique, here to serve all your kitschy, housy needs. i'm particuarly fond of these 3 // standing cat pewter ring holders which will serve me well when i stock up on all the aforementioned accessories. watch this space for more on the oriental magpie over the coming weeks...

// the best bit // seen something you like? well, the gems behind the brands are being good to you; ji ji kiki are offering you lovely lot a rather generous 15% off all your purchases with the coupon code ERICA15, and gemleys are offering 10% off (plus free shipping!) on everything with the code ERICA (caps are essential!) right until the end of the month. sound good? good!

happy shopping ladies!

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  1. I stumbled across your blog today and am so glad I did! It is such a breath of fresh air!! : )

  2. I can't decide which item I want the most! They are all so cute!

  3. I think the cat ring holders have well and truly caught my eye!
    (Just in case you didn't see the comment I replied to the other day about my bed sheets, they're from morrisons!) x

  4. I love these.. especially those two bags!!


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