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6 September 2013

friday favourites

how gorgeous are both kate and kailey this week? they are both massive style icons of mine, and now kate has me lusting after those b.a.i.t footwear peeps! i realised recently that i'm swayed really easily by you gorgeous fashion bloggers... thanks to kim, donna, the abm ladies and this little babe emily, i have a really urgent love for these clogs. i can't tell if they're hideous or not, wah!

would your imaginary daughter be as well-dressed as this? will your imaginary daughter be this excited when you take her on holiday? do you think your imaginary daughter will grow up shameless like this? aaahaha, i think your imaginary daughter is me. well, some of the time...

amy shared her new kitchen this week, and has me in the throws of home envy. again. speaking on kitsch-ens, how adorable are these stacking russian doll tins? very adorable, is the answer. roar!! (but you look nice) this guy is going to play christian grey. hunnam-anum-anum. you're welcome. hey. i'm sorry i judged you for being self employed (because now i want to be you). aaand, jenna's mani makes me want mcdonald's. don't judge me.

autumn has the most gorgeous instagram feed. i'm obsessed. this pic, has got to be a recent fave of mine... tough call though, because all her snaps are perfectly posed, colour matched and adorably kitsch. with a combination like that to work with, you'd be stuck to find one that you don't love.

i have a-nother busy weekend ahead, what about you? enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these lovely links!
    Also, just wanted to say that your signature is so stinkin cute!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. I love the self employed article. I am shocked at the comments you get if you're self employed; I've got some right doozies (most from my mother in law). Just little things like people asking you what you want to do with your life and stuff when you've just told them about big work things right down to the ever hurtful "a proper job" comment. Eurgh it drives me mad. Phew. Rant over.

  3. Buy the clogs! They're a bargain at that price and *so* comfy! Thanks for the linkage, you lovely thing you! xx

  4. Hahaha I'm so glad my manicure made you crave McDonald's...my nails should be ashamed of themselves! :p


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