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10 September 2013

a public service announcement

if you're seeing this post, you'll know that something here is not right.

like a fool, i've managed to delete every single picture, from every single post on this here blog since the beginning of time. i tried and tried to recover them tonight, with your help, with boyfriend's help, and a lot of hours spent on google help forums trying to find the answer i wanted. sadly, the answer i want doesn't exists. they're gone.

i have blogged every day this year, with the exception of a day or two, and i really want to maintain my daily post schedule going forward. but, i have made the decision to remove all posts prior to today, with the view to recover them as soon as i can fix the picture situation... but it will be a slow process.

please keep visiting. you'll never know how much i love your visits, comments and friendship, so please don't stop popping by just because of my silly stuff up. thank you so much for your help and support today. i really, really appreciate it.

erica x

[dear pr's; rest assured i will be working hard to return your posts to their former glory first.]

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  1. Erica. Seriously gutted for you! Hope you manage to fix it xx

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry that that happened. Of course we'll keep visiting!

  3. I like your posts a lot. I'll be reading your future posts, so don't worry too much for the lost things because it may take away strength to continue blogging. And you learnt something from this experience, right? This is what matters. XOXO

  4. OH NO lady!
    i'm so, so sorry!!
    i'm pulling for you and your blog recovery!

  5. Oh no!!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about that! Good luck getting it all sorted out.

  6. Not sure if anyone suggested this, but you may be able to recover images from Google caching. The Google search engine stores old versions of pages for a certain period of time. Also, try archiving sites like http://archive.org/web/web.php

    Unless you're over it now :)


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