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18 September 2013

irresistible me

last week when made.com contacted me wanting to know what i find irresistible, i was stumped. there are so many things, how could i choose?! bearded men, french vanilla cheesecake, and thrifted junk are just a few of my vices - but then i got to thinking about the word itself. defined it means: not resistible; incapable of being resisted or withstood: an irresistible impulse. when i really thought about something i have real trouble withstanding, the one thing i simply cannot walk past well... it's abandoned furniture.

since moving into our new flat about four months ago, we have saved no less than ten bits of amazing furniture from the trash. literally, a lot of it was pulled from skips along our street, the rest all claimed by us as they sat, replaced and discarded on the footpath outside their former homes (if you follw me on instagram, you'll have seen this for yourself!). there's nothing a quick wipe down, clean up and fresh coat of paint can't restore, and as you should all know by now, i love saving money on costly things!

so, how apt that made - a quality, yet inexpensive furniture company would ask me for my irresistible weakness. my favourite saved piece so far has to be our record cabinet/armoir (similar) that we saved from our neighbour's skip a week after we'd moved in - a priceless asset to our lounge room, that now sits pride of place holding our record player and collection of thrifted vinyls. it's a funny old thing when a piece of furniture changes the whole vibe of a room. this piece, was meant to be ours.

recently, the guys over at made.com launched their first ever tv advert highlighting something that they find irresistible (cheeky clip above!), and to celebrate, they want you to get involved. you can tweet them with your answer to the question "what do find irresistible?" with the tag #irresistiblyMADE, and follow along to see all the responses...

so, what about you? what do you find so damn irresistible?

*written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. Aw you are thrifty! I bet your furniture looks amazing, and extra special because you helped bring it back to life! I find jewellery my weakness. OOPS! x

  2. My irrisistable thing is really weird and a little bit like yours. I love big piles of wood. I really love making things out of wood so when I see piles of it my mind just starts racing on all the things I could make with it. Unfortunately if someone has piled up wood it usually means its meant for something and therefore not up for grabs but I can still dream.

  3. i don't know about you, but i find cupcakes irresistible :)


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