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19 September 2013

w.i.w.t :: power puff girl (and a dilemma!)

jumper :: primark // skirt :: h&m // brogues :: new look // bag* :: asos // necklace :: i'm your present on etsy

on my shopping purge last saturday, i managed to pick up a few new things that i don't know if i love yet or not. it's a hard one for me, because... i bought a few things full price, which i'm not used to, and now i'm having trouble making peace with that. doesn't that seem ridiculous? i know. i buy so many things on sale, in promos or with a discount, that i forget what parting with r.r.p feels like. in fact, i kinda pride myself on not buying retail. having worked in a high street store for the best part of ten years, i know how quickly and unfairly things are marked up, then marked back down. i now only shop the sales out of principle.

one thing i've promised myself this year is decent shoes, regardless of cost. i spend so much money on buying those cheap and nasty primark flats (but they're so caaaauuuute!), that break too easily and offer no support, so it makes sense to focus that small fortune elsewhere. i need something comfortable and versatile, that i can wear while it's wet and cold. boots are boring. i invested in boots last year, and was very happy with them (and will probably still wear them this year - holes allowing), but boots just aren't me. i've got thick legs and a feminine wardrobe - boots have never been my style. so then what?

maybe these mid-heeled brogues. i've never owned brogues before last week when i bought a smart tan pair... on sale... from primark. they're cute and comfy (except they did give me blisters), but i know they won't last. these black ones i found in new look. i actually saw them online last week and almost added them to my basket. foolishly, i didn't, and everything i did buy, had to be returned. so, while in store on saturday, i tried them on.... and they are so comfortable, even with the heel. being black, they're going to make my chunky legs seem longer, because they'll raise me up and blend right into my tights. they're feminine, yet practical, and i fear kim is going to have a field day as she's always first to shame my 'girly shoe collection', in favour of her 'lezzer shoe collection', which i'm slowly making a transition to.

the other thing i'm unsure about, is this jumper. at ten quid, it's probably a fiver more than i'd ever spend on a jumper, but... it's baby pink and it's fluffy. i mean... that's the draw there. it's so incredibly warm and comfy that i even bought it in black. who am i? so, two full priced jumpers and a pair of good, comfy shoes for £40 and i'm feeling a little bit ashamed of myself, when i should really be feeling really happy with my purchases. there's definitely something wrong upstairs.

what's your take; did i do the right thing, or am i right to feel a little remorse for this outfit?

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  1. I can 100% relate because I am a sale-junkie. I scour for the best prices, coupons, coupon codes, etc, but I think every once and a while it's nice to treat yourself! Don't feel too bad about it. Think about all the money you've saved by shopping sales and maybe that will help you feel at least a little better for buying a few things full price. :)

  2. You know I love that necklace and I really adore your jumper! I'm like this with buying things at "full" price. I find it hard to spend money on "expensive" nice and practical shoes as I don't wear leather and if you want practical and long lasting shoes, leather is probably the way to go

  3. Love those shoes. I need to start investing in some more expensive (aka non Primark) shoes.
    Don't feel guilty about buying full price, everyone needs a treat now and again. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  4. Im the girl who wouldnt think twice spending £40 on a t-shirt...*shamed-face* so those brogues and fluffy jumper are a bargin for me! and they suit you!
    and i must ask....what chunky legs are you talking about?! you got lovely legs!

  5. Love these pieces! The pretty pastel colors are so feminine and perfect :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy


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