feel good food

pictured :: homemade pizza (dough an all!) // sweet and salty popcorn from feastival // three cheese lasagna // homemade scones with clotted cream and bramble conserve // fresh summer fruit with natural yoghurt // homemade jerk chicken soup //  barbeque blt with c(hicken) instead of b(acon) // billionaire's shortcake
not pictured :: spicy red chicken laksa // hot and spicy chicken soup // lots of australian junky foods

i've been suuuper sick over the last few days; exhausted after the weekend of the wedding, being a tourist in brighton, then being at the big feastival - plus all the travelling in between, it finally caught up with me on monday. not two hours had passed after returning to my desk, before i started sniffling. then sneezing. then coughing. it was bad. by tuesday, i was shattered from not being able to sleep; so congested that sleep was not an option. wednesday i stayed in bed; leaving only to make soup and move to the couch. thursday and friday were better, but not great, so come the weekend, well... praise be for a lie in!

above you'll find the foods that i was doing my best to feed my nasty bastard of a headcold; the more chili the better. did it work? who knows. but it tasted reaaaal good trying.