if i was a rich girl (na na na nananannaana na)

as i was waiting for the piccadilly line on friday night, one of the adverts on the northbound platform caught my eye. although i could hear the train pulling in, i couldn't tear my eyes away from this brilliant blue skirt that was looping again and again in the ad. i quickly tapped a note into my phone, and took a screen shot of it - to make sure i remembered to look it up when i got in, and i was off. naturally, i promptly forgot about it. but, on sunday night as i was going through my pictures, i saw the picture of my simple note. the one lined note simply read: avenue32. i put those few letters into the google machine, sat back, and watched it load. 

i guess the second word that sprang to mind was 'luxury'. the first is not something i care to repeat here, and the third was definitely 'bloody expensive'. yes. very bloody expensive, but also very, very bloody lovely. avenue32 is kinda like asos... but for the posh lot. their about page even describes avenue32 as 'your online luxury shopping neighbourhood', and i'd say that just about hits the nail on the head! 

i'll admit, i stuck around and did some window shopping, and even manage to find one or two things i could probably afford in my lifetime! better still, i even recognised some of the designers who's pieces appeared on the site, like phillip lim, karen walker and zac posen. i mean, some of their pieces are just so fabulous, it's natural to imagine yourself wearing them... especially if they're so freaken ladylike it hurts!
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this raspberry zac posen prom dress is a cool £1770... which is totally understandable as it's made from silk, and the mews of tiny, orphaned kittens. but the colour! it's the perfect silhouette for vintage-loving me, and is oh-so glamourous! boyfriend is always on at me about taking me to a ball, and this baby is what i would wear (for that price, i'd wear it everyday for the rest of my life).

these karen walker glasses are stunning. they're comparatively cheap, at £220, but incredibly good quality. i know a few girls who have kw glasses, and they're totally worth paying a little more for because they're always such classic frames that you'd wear them for years without them going out of style. plus, these are pink and glittery! add these to the birthday list, please!

these are just a few of my favourites really, and i felt compelled to share! now, i just need to win euro millions, and i can do a haul post, yeah?