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1 September 2013

the weekend edition :: brighton bound

this past thursday saw us take a wee trip south to brighton for a few days; firstly for liz's sea-breezey wedding (more on that later), and secondly to take in the last of the summer sun while we still can. we met carmen bright and early at victoria, then boarded up for the short jaunt south. with coffee and cinnabons a plenty the time passed in no time, and before we knew it, we'd joined a small army of day trippers in brighton's tiny train station.

we navigated our way to our hotel in about 20 minutes (despite assuring carmen it would about ten), and were pleasantly surprised by the fairly lush travelodge we'd somehow managed to book. the family room that greeted us slept four, and the room itself was the size of my whole flat; pretty bloody big. shower, toilet and telly all present, plus, a giant king-sized bed for boyfriend and i - double score!

while in brighton we hit up the charity shops; pretty much a standard practise for me whenever i travel. we also met up with blogger pals kelly and matt for lunch, and boyfriend and i had a play around at the pier. after feeding enought 10p coins into various machines, i finally came away with an awesome mickey toy! i was very happy indeed! local sight-seeing points of interest include (but aren't limited to) the lanes shopping quarter, the original (we still think) banksy "kissing cops" street art on frederick place's corner pub, the abundance of street art that wildly decorate an otherwise still pretty colourful little place, the black lion pub (yum), the rows and rows of coloured houses, all of the vintage shops and street fairs, and of course, the world famous brighton pier.

a wonderful pre-weekend was had... wait until you hear about my actual weekend. more on that in the week.

how was your weekend? tell me stories!

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  1. I absolutely love the dress you are wearing in the first few pictures, it's gorgeous! Where is it from? Looks like you had a lovely time in Brighton :D

    Scarlett x

    1. primark, if you'd believe it! thank you doll x

  2. Lovely pictures! Glad you had a great time in my hometown, I love it, there is so much to see and do

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  3. Was lovely to have lunch!

    Our turn to visit you next time

  4. I love the front of that graphic novel shop. I'm a graphic novel and comic book junkie (though many would never know). :) Looks like a lovely time!


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