australia // day :: seven, wedding :: three

and on the seventh day, we dolled up for the last wedding of the year. i've known steph since i was about 21. she was the girl best-mate of my (then) boyfriend, so naturally, i'd hated her upon meeting. when he and i had the sense to break up, she and i became friends - because actually, we have a shit ton in common.

despite the distance our friendship has endured; we've maintained contact, the in jokes and the insults as best anyone can, and so last year when she asked me to be the witness at her and michael's wedding - well, i was over the moon. short or being a bridesmaid, this was such an amazing honour, and i was grateful to be asked. this wedding was the catalyst for the whole homecoming last year, and it was the highlight of that first week.

the day was bright but cloudy, perfect for photos except... the damn bride wouldn't let us take any. what a cow! you'll have to believe me that the whole wedding party looked stunning - in black and white with pops of reds and pinks, this bunch of bogans scrubbed up ok! the ceremony was flawless, with sensationally written vows including promises to not talk during glee (from michael) and not nagging during sports (from steph) - and... something about a zombie apocalypse too, just to cover all bases.

the reception was harry potter themed (i'm told), with a touch of zombie bride and marvel thrown in for good measure. it was - if nothing else, the perfect fandom wedding. we ate delicious pub food and drank stellar wine from the box, all the while snacking on harry potter themed sweets and personalised pez. we danced -mostly 90's hip hop and some rage against the machine and metallica (told you, bogans), we sung along, and we talked a lot of crap like old times, all night long.

that was the last i saw of my adelaide pals, as very, very early the next day we hit the road - melbourne bound. i'm pretty sure we planned that leg of the trip well; finishing up in adelaide on a high. i wasn't able to see everyone i wanted to in adelaide, but i saw everyone who wanted to see me (and meet boyfriend). i'm so thankful to the friends i have scattered around the world, because even though i may not be able to pop 'round for a cuppa or pick up the phone whenever i'd like, they're great quality people who are reliable and dependable. at this age, it's a matter of quality over quantity, and the people i left in adelaide are some top notch people.