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24 January 2014

moments that matter

if you live in the uk like me, there's no doubt you've seen the lloyd's bank online tv montage - you know, the one about the moments that matter in this guy's life, and what steps prompted him to get out and finally buy his own place? well, while i may not be on track to buy my own house (yet)(dear house gods; please help?) it got me thinking about the moments of 2013 that really mattered to me, and why; as i casually flicked through my photos of last year, month by month, it was so easy to see where the ones that really, truly mattered to me were...
it was gone too quickly - we spent those two weeks rushing between long-overdue catch ups, road tripping across states, meeting my best friend's new baby, eating my favourite foods, hanging out with my mum and some of my oldest friends, seeing my favourite sights, and most of all - sharing all of that with boyfriend.

i spent so much time planning our days, making sure we were able to get the most out every day, that we were exhausted every night. it was boyfriend's first real overseas adventure, and i didn't want him to be bored for one minute. i wanted to show him the best of my hometown, not the things that made me want to leave. i wanted to share my favourite things about melbourne, and the great and vast country that is australia. because of that, we had such an amazing time together; we could've been anywhere, really, i'm just really glad we were in australia. and now we have these awesome memories.
cliché time: life is short. make your moments matter.
*this post was written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. Awww, come baaacckkkk! For longer this time so you can show him other parts of the country (ahem, Byron Bay) and make more memories! xx

  2. So lovely!! It is really important to enjoy the moments as they happen, because they go by so fast!! Have a lovely weekend doll x

  3. So true. You have to savour everything, you never know what's around the corner. x


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