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19 January 2014

competition // i wish i was there

alfresco travel are running this great picture competition at the moment, and first prize is a nikon d3200 dslr camera, which is something that is atop my list of things to obtain (somehow) this year. so, to win this one would be a dream come true. it's an easy entry too, because there's no place i'd rather be right now that somewhere that i've been pretty recently...

this picture was taken on one of the last days we had in my hometown of adelaide, south australia. boyfriend and i had taken a day trip with my mum south of the city, to the coastal town of victor harbour (you can read the whole story here). as a kid we'd been only a handful of times, and again as a teenager, but never - ever, as an adult. it was a hot day when we went - the warmest we'd had the whole time we'd been in adelaide (which, if you have been watching the news, was the hottest place in the world last wednesday, with temperatures soaring to the high 40's; my mum tells me it was 37 at 9am that day!), and the breeze coming up off the water was so refreshing and light... it was a busy day, with lots of kids out on school holidays, and plenty of tourists taking in the sun too.

somehow though, as we took the walk across to granite island, and up through the walking trail, it was as if we were the only people in the world. we were on the edge of the earth, with miles of water at our feet. it so totally serene. this picture of boyfriend and i is my favourite of all of the pictures we took while we there, and i think it captures everything we loved about that day. we both love this pictures and the memory that it gives us of this day, that we had it transferred to canvas and have it pride of place on our lounge room wall.

with all this rain that we've been having lately, there's no place i'd rather be.

enter the comp here.

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  1. ahhh what a super competition ! Good luck xx

  2. What a beautiful picture, I would love the sunshine. Good luck doll xx


thank you for your comment, you lovely thing you.