w.i.w.t :: baby's got the winter blues

clip :: diy here // cardi :: dotti // dress :: h&m // tights :: primark // shoes* :: ted baker at tk maxx // hat :: mr. p // cath kidston bag :: gift

i think this is probably my favourite outfit of all time (so far). it has elements of everything i love - lace, glitter, florals, love hearts and piiiiink legs; all that's missing now is polka dots! and wearing it made me feel happy and fun in the dead of winter - a difficult feat for most, i assure you.

i picked this blue lacy dress up as a back-up option for the office christmas party, and haven't had a chance to wear it outside the house yet. the lovely sunny days over the weekend seemed like a perfect opportunity to do just that! knowing - thanks to the old adage that "black and blue will never do", i hunted through my summer tights and decided that if ever there was a reason to wear pink tights, that this dress was that reason. they did garner a few odd looks while out running errands though... squares!

i grabbed this bag off the shelf as thought it added a bit of pattern to an otherwise fairly plain-from-afar outfit, and thought the clip in my hair (did you see my tutorial?) and the bows on the shoes added a bit of festive fun! i think probably the hat was overkill, cos.. it was still only like, eight degrees. but it's stinkin' cute, right?

oh, i'm just casually am i kicking off the new year with an outfit post, huh?
who do i think i am...!