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13 January 2014

the weekend edition // sunshine and snapshots

saturday was so sunny, and the sky was the most clear i've seen it in weeks. the dry air meant one thing; the beautiful gem coloured cambridge satchel that graced my presence on monday could finaaaally have her day in the sun (puns!). boyfriend and i jumped on a bus and headed into bromley around lunchtime, and had a wee wander though the market (primark), enjoyed ourselves a slimming world friendly lunch (kfc), then made our way up to little beautique just off the main street for a delicious, post back-to-work massage... except... we were about an hour and a half early, so we went to the pub next door. there goes dry january!

come 4 o'clock though, i couldn't have undressed quicker. not at the pub, mind, at the salon... yana, my masseuse was some sort of mind reading goddess. we spoke briefly about what sort of massage i was after (half body, deep tissue, firm), then she left me to get myself organised. as soon as she started though, i knew i was in safe hands. 

she'd occasionally pipe in with "stressed at work?" (understatement) "not sleeping?" (see previous) "suffer from headaches?" (see previous understatement) and we'd chat in between her making jelly of my muscles (such good pain). she finished on my back and had me turn over. she then focused on specific pressure points to eradicate all of the anxiety in my life. well, the best she can with only her hands, of course. it was magical.

the hour was up far too soon, and before i knew it i was on the bus home - not before i made promises to return to see my new pal yana as soon as financially possible. it was purely by chance i happened upon her salon this time - thanks to the good people at groupon and their amazing deals, but knowing how close by her magical hands are, it won't be long til i see her again...

a sunny day well spent! how did you spend yours?

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  1. Holy crap, sunshine! How I have missed thee.

    I've never had a massage before but I really want to try one, one day!x

  2. I so want a Cambridge Satchel - Money does not permit however (BOOOO)!
    LOVE your choice in colour :)

    (Dear Thirty)

  3. Ooh, sounds good! I've never had a massage before but I love getting acupuncture done. So worth the money if you have it and find a good acupuncturer(?).

  4. Gorgeous! I love all of your accessories! That massage sounds amazing. I could use on myself!

    Ladyface Blog

  5. Beautiful sunshine...we had some of that at the weekend too, was bliss. Been too long. The massage sounds marvellous too, I could do with one of those!! Am glad you enjoyed doll. Have a fab week :) Xxx

  6. i've never had a massage before but i realllllyyyyy want to try one, think i might be taking the Boy along to a spa day soon. The idea of them sounds so good its unreal!



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