not your average

the thing i like best about blogging is the people i've met. either in reality, or behind a screen, blogging is the gateway drug for a lot of people these days, and certainly the easiest way to find like-minded people without joining some weird group or finding extra-curricular activities that don't actually interrupt your life. that's the beauty of blogging; whether it be micro blogging or... macro... blogging, it's on your terms. sure, we put pressure on ourselves to write good content, to network with the right people, to maximise page views, but at the end of the day, we do this on our own terms.

i'm kinda off topic. but that's ok. what i'm getting at is that blogging makes it easy to meet instant friends; to meet people you instantly have things in common with (shallow, but  true) - whether that be a shared love of a brand, a shared secret shame of being pro-knitters, etc, you can tell straight away if you're going to like a person based on their twitter bio, their insta-feed or their 'about me' page. and to be honest, there's not a great deal of variety on those there pages. why? we all like the same things.

the same can't be said of our 'real life' friends though, can it? i can't name a single friend - that i haven't met through blogging - who shares my love of polka dot pinafores. bloggers though? they eat that shit up. the thing is though; although we're all the same, we're all hiding something... for example:

i don't even like tea, i prefer coffee
except not pumpkin spice latte. what is that?
i can't knit , sew or crochet, and suck at crafting
i don't really like cake, especially the icing. bleurgh
i'm not into the fandoms, and i definitely don't get the dr. who thing
never read/seen harry potter, and have no intention to
don't understand why a candle can cost £15, yet everyone wants one
i have never had a good experience at lush
have never bought anything mac or benefit - so expensive!
i loathe cats. they're so impersonal and boring
i prefer cath to orla, and even then, only if it's on sale

so, there you go. a few of the secrets i keep in order to make nice in this big, bad community. you know what though? despite me not sharing the same likes as most of my blogger pals on paper, we manage just fine. we share other loves; like the colour mustard, vintage vinyl, cheesy pop songs, a common enemy, and beardy men. and truthfully i think it's mostly our uncommon likes that people respond to anyway, so...

i know i'm not alone. what are some of your home truths? share them below!