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12 January 2014

not your average

the thing i like best about blogging is the people i've met. either in reality, or behind a screen, blogging is the gateway drug for a lot of people these days, and certainly the easiest way to find like-minded people without joining some weird group or finding extra-curricular activities that don't actually interrupt your life. that's the beauty of blogging; whether it be micro blogging or... macro... blogging, it's on your terms. sure, we put pressure on ourselves to write good content, to network with the right people, to maximise page views, but at the end of the day, we do this on our own terms.

i'm kinda off topic. but that's ok. what i'm getting at is that blogging makes it easy to meet instant friends; to meet people you instantly have things in common with (shallow, but  true) - whether that be a shared love of a brand, a shared secret shame of being pro-knitters, etc, you can tell straight away if you're going to like a person based on their twitter bio, their insta-feed or their 'about me' page. and to be honest, there's not a great deal of variety on those there pages. why? we all like the same things.

the same can't be said of our 'real life' friends though, can it? i can't name a single friend - that i haven't met through blogging - who shares my love of polka dot pinafores. bloggers though? they eat that shit up. the thing is though; although we're all the same, we're all hiding something... for example:

i don't even like tea, i prefer coffee
except not pumpkin spice latte. what is that?
i can't knit , sew or crochet, and suck at crafting
i don't really like cake, especially the icing. bleurgh
i'm not into the fandoms, and i definitely don't get the dr. who thing
never read/seen harry potter, and have no intention to
don't understand why a candle can cost £15, yet everyone wants one
i have never had a good experience at lush
have never bought anything mac or benefit - so expensive!
i loathe cats. they're so impersonal and boring
i prefer cath to orla, and even then, only if it's on sale

so, there you go. a few of the secrets i keep in order to make nice in this big, bad community. you know what though? despite me not sharing the same likes as most of my blogger pals on paper, we manage just fine. we share other loves; like the colour mustard, vintage vinyl, cheesy pop songs, a common enemy, and beardy men. and truthfully i think it's mostly our uncommon likes that people respond to anyway, so...

i know i'm not alone. what are some of your home truths? share them below!

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  1. Haha loved this post! It was refreshing to read someone being honest. I don't understand expensive candles either :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. to be fair, they smell amazing... but saaah expensive! x

  2. I hate Perks of Being a Wallflower, I think it's so overrated. Same with The Fault in Our Stars.
    I use face wipes and forget to clean my make up brushes.
    My grammar is atrocious, I have to check it 100 times and even then I still miss some mistakes.
    I can't contour and I have no interest in learning to do so.
    I don't really like tea either, and if I do drink it it has three sugars in.
    And I can't do anything creative other than write and take photos, and even then I do both badly.
    I can't stand things being mismatched, in my house everything is matching and I certainly could never put two prints together and think it looked okay!

    That's all I can think of right now... But I really enjoyed this post Erica!

    1. wait... you're supposed to WASH your BRUSHES? what is THAT about.

  3. Hahaha yessssss. I get so intimidated by fandoms and cats are the worst - I want pets that want to cuddle me all the time.

  4. You sound like me - I don't get the whole candle thing nor Harry Potter. The Dr Who thing I don't mind watching but it annoys me when they say they are huge Dr Who fans and have never seen anything prior to David and Matt being the Drs. I actually don't get the fuss over Naked palettes nor the Cath Kidson lark to be honest - I see it as a little over priced - there I said it!

  5. I love this post. I think we all have our secrets like this and especially things like the expensive makeup. I use some high end because I like it but I don't trial lots of high end or shun drugstore - I'm not rich and I am not a fool to part with so much money. Lush is overrated. Some things are good and I covet, most things are overpriced and smell like lollies which makes me feel ill after five minutes.

    I don't sew well, knit well or crochet at all.
    I am into more fandoms than most bloggers and that makes me weird, not cool and 'geeky'
    I wear glasses because I'm blind without them and hate spending money on them so £100 on designer lens free glasses? No.
    I don't get a lot of fashion. I feel like a fool in it and look like a tool.
    If I have white everything I get it grubby with foundation. No.

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhh I love this post!

    I agree with every single thing on your list. I was never interested in Harry Potter, and I don't really want to be. People are always trying to make me feel guilty for not reading or watching the movies, but honestly, I don't scrutinize friends for liking it. I just don't have any interest!

    It bothers me how if you forgo something, people assume you're missing out, as if by not liking harry potter I have lost something special in my life. Or even worse, "You just don't understand it." I can understand it perfectly, I just have other books I'd rather read!


    What I really dislike is people's inability to say "I don't know." There is no shame in admitting you aren't educated on something or you don't have the answer. Come on people, take off your know-it-all hats pleeeeeeease.

    Anyways, it really does feel typing into this box! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  7. Love this post! I always feel like I'm always feel like a fake blogger because I am not a huge Dr Who fan and I don't like tea, I like flavoured tea just not your average cup of PG Tips. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. blech, bleurgh, blaaaah! it's all hot, flavoured water to me! x

  8. I really liked this post, i do feel after a while of looking through blogs there are lots of blogger cliches a majority of which i do not take part in. I whole heartedly agree with your Lush point, i don't understand the hype over it.

  9. I can't stand tea.
    I've watched Dr Who a couple of times but..meh (I'm a Sherlock girl)
    Cath Kidston seems like an awful waste of money.
    I've never bought a candle
    I don't really wear a lot of vintage.
    Beards very freak me out!
    I don't suit blunt fringes.

    1. I saw your fake-fringe tutorial lady, suits you just fine!

  10. This is a really good post, it does seem that the 'blogger community' goes through trends of liking the same thing - not critisizing this or saying it's a bad thing, but it is interesting to see! Personally, I...

    Hate cats
    Hate flavoured lattes/coffees
    Don't have a 'skincare routine'
    Dislike wearing lipstick or lipgloss or anything on my lips
    Can't stand florals/pastels
    Think creepers look ridiculous
    Have never had a glossy/graze box
    Find 'pampering' boring
    Never, ever do my nails (though tbf it is my resolution this year to paint them more, in exciting ways!)

    I'm sure there's loads more, and I could write an even longer list of stuff I love that no-one else seems to bang on about, but I might convert that idea into a post on SOTI.... :)


  11. OY. Careful there with your Doctor Who hatred. I used to get up early to watch reruns on UK gold with my Gran! But as ever, I bloody love this post! I might steal your idea, mwahahahaha! I'm glad you're a weirdo too. Let's be weirdos together xx

  12. Such a refreshing post! I love tea an unnatural amount for an Aussie, but I am with you in the cat hating, and while I have an unhealthy Harry Potter obsession and like Disney quite a lot, I'm not even sure what a fandom IS, to be honest. Probably my biggest blogger secret is that I have no idea about anything to do with clothes or make up to the point where I don't even understand the point of contouring, let alone how to do it on my freckly face.

  13. Hahah..I love it. I despise cats, and yet they always want to sit near me, I feel enraged when they are around practically. Especially when their owners assume everyone loves cats, I don't. Never bought Mac anything, Benefit once and that was only because I had vouchers, hahaha. That stuff's too expensive & even then I thought it was rubbish! Candles at £15 are just ridiculous!! There are lots of things at prices like that & I always think...'What?? Is is going to do my washing as well?? But, people buy it like it's the best thing in the world & I'm lost. I could make my own for less and it would be better ;D Super doll :)) Xxx

  14. 1. I ALWAYS end up sitting next to people who sniff v loudly so that you have no choice but to visualise exactly what is going on in their nose and throat. (bleeuugghh)
    2. My boyfriend collects coats, some of which he never wears and I find it bizarre.
    3. I don't understand why people wear black and brown together - hate it.
    4. I am obsessed with mascara (blonde eyelashes - tut) but seem to be the only person in the world that doesn't think that Maybelline one is total rubbish.
    5. Am far too lazy to do my hair properly so not sure why I just got a fringe cut into my wavy hair...

  15. Haa this made me chuckle SO much, especially reading the comments.

    I had a mahoosive yankee candle for christmas, I love it but now don't want to use it because it was SO expensive, so stupid.
    I HATE being told by every Tom, Dick and Harry that I just HAVE to watch Game of Thrones/Dr Who/Sherlock, etc etc, no ta, I like what I like and if I like the sound of something I'll watch it off my own back.
    I'm a rubbish excuse of a girl, I always forget to wear mascara, I don't have a skin care or hair care routine, I just go with it. I've never bought lipstick because quite frankly, I wouldn't have a clue how to put it on properly and would no doubt end up looking like a hooker.
    I hate Uggs, especially when worn with shorts.
    It pees me off living in a university city and seeing students walk around in tracksuits and flip flops, with their names on and where they go to uni, get a life much!


  16. I don't do vintage and like wearing skinny jeans and converse.


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