w.i.w.t :: the laziest of all the weekends

necklace :: lovisa // lipstick :: rimmel apocoliptic // everything else :: primark

after work shopping has never looked or felt as good as this hot pink coat-igan from primark. i saw the gorgeous natasha model the bright yellow version last week, and a few others posting pics of their primark loot through the week, and come friday afternoon i resolved to shop as soon as was humanly possible.

i grabbed it and these dreamy tan suede wedges for the tidy sum of twelve pounds - the coat was marked down to a fiver from £14 and the shoes £8 from £12. they're just what i've been wanting to transition from winter into spring, so wasted no time in snapping them up.

i planned to wear them on saturday, teamed with my charcoal grey angora jumper and lurex and lace cream skirt - both bought on sale in the after christmas sales, but then i... never left the house. i'm not ashamed, because i had a lovely day lounging, sipping coffee, writing, reading and watching a shit ton of mad men. i swear i am smitten with that show. i think we're on season three now, with two more to go. heavenly!

i did finally leave the house on sunday, and made my way into primark for a little wander. i was pleasantly surprised to find that the coat-igan had been marked back up to £14, and i silently gloated my little bargain.