w.i.w.t :: pinky strikes again

cambridge satchel :: asos // cardigan + dress + belt :: primark // shoes :: everything £5 shop

i wore this outfit out grocery shopping on sunday (and to work on monday...no shame) because i love everything about it and can't get enough of wearing it. wearing this outfit made me feel happy and so i suppose i should have taken a picture of it (#100dayshappy) - but, oh wait! i did! lucky me. 

i've had the bag for about a week now, but with all the rain, i've only managed two outings for it - both over the weekend while the sun was out to play. i still maintain that these bags are incredibly expensive, but when kim and donna bullied me into buying it (on sale, naturally), we justified it on a 'value per wear' scenario. so far i've worn it twice. so... it's still bloody expensive. i feel special with it though, like it's some sort of badge that means i'm part of a member's only club now... i know that's stupid, but for the price, i'm allowed to make myself self feel better - however it works for me. am i right?

the dress + cardi are both bargains i picked up shopping on saturday, and i nabbed these shoes a few months back from one of those "closing down/everything must go" shops in your local shopping centre. i think the shoes are the dress are a magical combination, and that eyelash cardi!!! it's my soulmate. i'm in love.

what's your take on the ol' cambridge satchel, price wise?
would you? have you? tell me!

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