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3 January 2014

independence day

when the fab folk over at barclaycard freedom rewards got in touch before christmas, asking if there was an independent retailer i'd like to support during this crazy period, i didn't have to think very hard. i work just off of carnaby street in london's west end, and there are some uhhhmazing independent eateries in the area - we're literally spoiled for choice. but, mere moments from the office's glass doors, tucked away in between a sweaty betty and a random korean bar, lies the epitome of steak heaven; flat iron soho.

when i was introduced to flat iron last year through their chuck tuesday promo (free steak, not even a lie), our love affair began. since that day, i haven't stopped thinking about going back. my friends were in the same boat. so, when barclaycard gave me the opportunity to spend a gift card there - and take some of my work mates along for a delicious steak dinner, well... it was a christmas miracle!

except - we planned to go for christmas eve lunch. then there was a storm, and we didn't make it to work. so we had to reschedule, and weren't able to even make it back in til the 2nd of jan! we literally waited a whole year for this steak! well, let me tell you this; it was totally worth it. delicious dripping cooked chips, medium rare sirloin, creamy peppercorn sauce, all washed down with a fizzy rose lemonade... om!

have you been to flat iron? next time you're in london, do yourself a favour and pop in - charlie and the team are super friendly, and the service is almost as good as the meat.

*written in collaboration with brand*

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  1. This place looks amazing. I do love a good steak. It's on my must go list now :) x

  2. Really, really love this post! Barclaycard have hit the nail on the head, how wonderful that you could support a local business. Would so love to try this place! Maybe one day xx


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