where there's a will, there's a way...

...or, is there?

honestly, this post is one you'll probably never see here again; it's off topic, slightly morbid, and I want to say probably irrational, but let's persevere anyway. is it of a highly sensitive nature, and yet vitally important. and, according to saga legal, it's a topic that most of us aren't very well educated on. so, let's call this a public service announcement and get on it with.

I had an email pop into my inbox during the week, that I read and almost immediately shrugged off; it was an invite to a Google+ hangout to discuss - wait for it... wills. I have never thought about needing a will. I don't own anything of any particular value that would especially benefit any of my loved ones should I die prematurely - so why do I need one? it's always been an unwritten agreement between me and my friends that "you can have my accessories if I die" or "these shoes are yours if you die" - and lately with boyfriend, more like "can I have your tablet and record player if you die?" I brushed the latter of, assuring him that as my partner, he would get it all anyway.

well, as it turns out, that's... actually not true. it's also not true that even if we got married he would be next in line for all my wonderful dresses. colour me fooled. I am now prompted to speak to my mother about that three bedroom house of hers that I've had my eye on for awhile...

nevertheless, I am now inevitably curious about this all this will malarkey, and most certainly will (haha, puns) be attending the chat. what about you? if you're not busy on thursday jan 30th at 6:30pm, and - like me, haven't the foggiest about all this legal business, then I suggest you pop along and chat with Emma Meyers of saga legal and the other hanger-outers and get the facts straight.

Won't you join us?