chasing away the january (baby) blues...

bleurgh! this weather is officially ruining my life! i am sick of wearing my dumb, heavy coat everyday. i am sick of wearing two pairs of tights to stave off the chill. sick of the rain, the grey clouds and the puddles of water that stop me from wearing cute shoes to and from the office. sick of it all!

i am however eternally grateful to the great british high street, for - as always, making me feel happy on the inside with all the unseasonable pastels adorning their shelves. it's never too early in my book, but it takes a wee while for the rest of you to catch up three quarters of the year round...gimme those pink and mint and lilac pieces any old day

the dress be stills my heart, but that's nothing new. those vintage darlings over at bonne chance sure do know how to make a pretty frock, don't they? the coat is perfect for now, because it's warm and pretty! gimme, gimme now. all of my hats are worn through because of all of the travelling that i do and so this pretty pastel bobble hat from equestrian clearance is the perfect replacement; it's cute and practical. winning!

i've not been drawn into the a/w trend that was the tartan everything, but i may, however, make a transeasonal exception for that clueless-esque plaid skirt. like, totally! paired with some wool tights and silver shoes, i'd be the perfect 90s valley girl.

are you enjoying the influx of pastel pieces, or are you a fiend for a winter woolly?

*written in collaboration with brand*