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11 January 2014

w.i.w.t :: geek chic

shirt + bag :: primark // dress :: urban outfitters // geek shoes :: top shop // glasses :: specsavers

bandwagon = well and truly jumped. it seems every woman and her cat has a version of these shoes at the moment, so you'll have to forgive me for joining in. i got my first pair of 'geeks' back in september for my birthday - loved them, but sadly they're a bit big for everyday wear. so, when i saw these mustard bad boys hit the sale page after christmas, i nabbed them up quick smart - and in the right size this time too.

in person they're a little more 'sour' than 'sweet', and certainly are shiny (!), but they're the perfect office shoe i think. i do have a lot of pink in my wardrobe, but these are muted enough to be able to wear with any of the winter trends; burgandy and monochrome are my next targets.

the sales have been lousy for me this year, but these pretties are certainly the highlight.

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  1. Love those shoes!! I was tempted to get them in burgundy last month, but the 3's were a little small and the 4's were a bit big. Silly feet!

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

  2. I adore those shoes, they are marvellous :))) x

  3. I love these shoes! Love the colour as well. Oh, and your dress is very cute :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  4. They are so cute..!!
    _ Bright
    p.s your newest follower

  5. I want those shoes!!! So pretty^^

  6. The shoes. I want them in the burgundy and I know this isn't a helpful comment but are they decently sized and comfortable? I really don't want to pay £34 if they're not great.


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