baby, won't you be my valentine?

the morning after the night before, i braved my lingering hangover, bathed - even managed an outing-appropriate outfit, and headed out just before midday; borough bound for a girls-only date with some of my favourite kiwis. we met at monmouth for the obligatory coffee, before heading into the market to pick up some supplies for our church yard picnic...

we picked up some of the yummiest baked goods, fresh fruit and organic produce that one can buy, and i'd cleverly packed some chilled prosecco, a picnic blanket and some of my prettiest china from home. add that to an adorable heart-shaped tin full of lindt's limited edition strawberry + cream cornet balls and three ladies who are more-than-happy to be the centre of attention, and we were generally a paparazzi's dream come true.

we dined among the pigeons and saturday market revellers, casually being adorable and shit, and making all the nana's and puppy-walkers and 'big issue' sellers laugh at the sight of our girls-only pavement picnic in the grounds of southwark cathedral. it was awesome.

after we'd polished off two bottles of prosecco, a punnet of strawberries, half a pot of mushroom pate, some fancy oiled-up tomatoes, some posh bread and the whole tin of lindt chocolates (we did hand a few out in the church yard too, you know!), we were moments away from parting ways before one of us had the brilliant idea to instead, try and fine some more wine... we were so damn clever.

it was such a nice day too; clearish skies, warmish sun, and it was mostly rain free (until the storm, that is). there was lots of wine, lots of laughs, and - as always, a conversation about the prime minister of new zealand. shit gets real when john key is mentioned. i loved being able to have a girls-only day with some of my single pals, who maybe won't get spoiled on valentine's day this year (three years in, there still might be a glimmer of hope for me); armed with this adorable tin of lindt chocolates i was able to do just that.

so to all the single ladies out there this valentine's day, instead of waiting for cupid's arrow to hit, why don't you spoil yourselves and the ones you love with some chocolate hearts or bubbly like we did!

happy valentine's day ladies!