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5 July 2014

event | the cheek of it!

ok, so. where to start? about a month ago i got an invite from the sensational sarah, asking if i'd be up for a blogger event unlike any other. dubious, because.. aren't they always plugged a bit like that? though, i gave her the benefit of the doubt and read on; something something burlesque, something something pink cocktails, something something cabaret club, and then - something something miss west end girl!

well, knowing my sparkle sister was going to come, i was instantly sold on the idea. so, come last Friday evening, we frocked up and headed over to london's infamous cabaret club café de paris for a night of sequins, slurping and shimmying into the night!

with deliciously pink welcome drinks courtesy of pinky vodka and some choconana cupcakes by house of cuckoo we were instantly seduced and lured into one of the club's vip rooms. there, swathed in red velour and golden tassels was the sexiest boudoir you've ever seen. of course we lounged, it would have been rude not to!

lynsay and i mingled with the other bloggers for a wee while, slurped on our pinky drinks and ate our yummy treats before it was time for something i was reeeeeeally not looking forward to; a burlesque class with lady cheek from the cheek of it school of burlesque. i... have no rhythm. at all. and am definitely not the sultry, sexy type, so i knew this class was going to really push me out of my comfort zone. and potentially make me cry. i hoped i wouldn't cry, so stood at the back and hid in the loos a bit too. it was diiiiiiire on my part, but the other girls looked bloody marvellous re-enacting the moves as demonstrated by lady cheek, while i just felt like a right fool.

after that particular horror show, we bid adieu to lady cheek and headed upstairs to our prime position on the mezzanine level of the club, ready and waiting for the pros to get the show started. i've been to café de paris a few times now - we had our work christmas party there for the last few years, and i've also been to see the show a couple of times too. well, i'm happy to report that although some things never change (i.e. the show itself is exactly as i remember it), they also remain bloody amazing.

with entertainment from missy malone's incredible burlesque act, the reverse-strip show by the cabaret rouge girls and snake fervor and her near-naked fire breathing act - not to mention our compere for the night, the overtly camp aussie ex-pat des o'connor's incredible humour and singing voice, we were oohing and aahing and laughing well into the night.

once the show was over, and after we'd cornered the compere for a group shot and i was done stroking the furry wall, a few of us bloggers stayed put for a wee shimmy on the club's dancefloor. well, when we decided that was a good idea, the dj was playing proper old school jams - which we were keen to stick around for. half an hour of electro pop mixes later, we were more than happy to grab our complimentary hailo home. we were pooped, and destined for bed!

all in all, despite the agonising and uncomfortable hour of 'dancing' i was obliged to enjoy, we had a really excellent night. a mega thank you to lady sarah of the prosecco diaries for planning and hosting such an incredible night out in london - truly outdid yourself there miss! it was great to hang out with a few more london bloggers too, and put faces to names that i hadn't yet met! looking forward to the next one (please, no dancing!).

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'd love to go to a blogger even like this! x

  2. This looks like so much fun! You look absolutely gorgeous. Also, I had no idea you were Australian!! Could I adore you any more?!? :)

    xox Sammi

  3. This sounds like the most amazing event ever! I did Burlesque classes a few weeks ago, I loved it so sassy! Also you look gorgeous missy! Stop it haha.
    Kloe xx

  4. Oh it looks like so much fun, I wish there were events like this near me.

  5. *my evil plan worked*

  6. where are you lovely? x

  7. aw you're so brave! i wish i had your sass and courage!

  8. i hope so! cos you're my number 1 boo x

  9. oh, it really was. i just have issues, haha!

  10. it really was the best! x

  11. That seriously looks like a dream event! So much fun and glitter! I wish bloggers around here put together such events. This totally makes me wish I could visit that club by the way.



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