mundane (of sorts) midweek

we all know the worst thing about starting a new job is all the learning you do in the first few days, right? like, you meet one zillion new people and have to try and remember the c.e.o's name and which one's his p.a and where the coffee is and which days are the free fruit days. you have to remember your login details and get your staff card working and work out how to use the printer. all the simple things get shown to you in quick succession and an element of faith is employed in that you'll just be able to remember all these things as and when it actually comes to needing them.

well, i still have no idea what the c.e.o's name is, but i know which one his p.a is. i know that the coffee is kept in the kitchen (there's not a costa for miles..what kind of backwards world..?) and that the fruit is free on mondays and wednesdays - as long as you're quick. there's also free toast before 9am, but good luck with that. things i don't have to remember as yet, are my login details (huzzah for the i.t. crowd and their elementary password-setting structures), which one is my desk (there isn't one as yet..), or how to get the mother loving printer to work, because apparently, it just doesn't and don't try and print things and you'll be fine. i've also nailed two different routes to work. they take the same length of time, but one includes walking for ten mins. i might do that in the morning, and then make my way lazily home in the evening. i haven't decided. i do already hate getting the tube though, but luckily only have to get the services that are air conditioned. that's winning.

on monday i started at 10:30. there were no login details for me - as is standard with any new job, until around midday when my new boss and i headed out to lunch. leisurely. the rest of the day was spent researching blogs that matched my client's criteria. tuesday was about the same, but with a 9:15 start and a shorter lunch, and also with the added bonus of bargain popcorn and some twitter giggles in the afternoon for good measure. today i have a meeting at 9, so who knows - maybe i will grab some toast beforehand? ha. who am i kidding.

i'm still not convinced this is a real job, you guys. so far it feels a lot like reading blogs all day. i am lead to believe there is a fair amount of reporting and stress involved, but i can't be sure that's going to be such a bad thing. when the rest of the day is... my favourite past time (not inc sleep), then i will happily sub-in some reporting time to balance the awesome. i know my boss is going to read this (hi laura!) because she's an uber stalker, and i bet now i will have all the work in the world to do (and now, you see, my plan has worked!)(that, or she fires me for taking liberties... don't do that laura).

bring on day three, i have one zillion more blogs to discover.
how's your midweek going?