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3 July 2014

w.i.w.t | burlesque babe (remix)

bag c/o lydc | crown : crown & glory | rings c/o joshua james |  belt : primark | dress : monki | boots: ebay

when these gorgeous stackable rings from joshua james turned up on my desk on friday afternoon, i couldn't believe my luck. they were the perfect addition to the outfit i was planning to wear that night to the cheek of it event at cafe de paris, and i had forgotton to pack accessories! these pandora beauties are simple and understated, but perfectly feminine and added exactly what the outfit needed for a bit of sparkly old school glamour. literally, cannot believe my luck.

i really had no idea what to wear to a burlesque event - the invite advised there would be some burlesque being taught to attendees too, and to dress appropriately... what does that even mean! i don't have the body confidence to have any body-con or wiggle skirts in my wardrobe, and my "wee" wardrobe is also missing anything really fancy because, well, i don't go "out out" very often and have no need for fancy things.

i raised my concerns with lynsay and she was all "boo. you own more lace than anyone i've ever known. lace is perfect", and i was like "boo! you're so right!" and so... yeah. i wore that very same dress i styled here last week. i basically just switched out bun crown for proper crown, added some tights and glitter boots (which were replacements for the pair i vommed on all those many months ago and hadn't yet worn in... ouch!) and claimed it as a new outfit. shall we call it a remix? yes. let's do that. it's a remix.

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  1. A positively perfect burlesque outfit, i think!

  2. You look gorgeous, love the outfit. And your body is stunning, you should know it and feel it. Just right for burlesque :) Beauty! This place looks awesome x


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