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11 July 2014

the weekend edition | eltham palace

after breakfast in brixton on sunday, the girls and i piled underground and out again at eltham about half an hour later, bound for the medieval palace. we took a quick walk through the village before setting our sights on the now gorgeous art deco home just outside the centre of town, and arrived by about half past twelve. 

after being nagged within an inch of our lives about buying a bloody english herritage membership (apparently it didin't matter than half of us don't even live in england), we made our way to the entrance and finaaaally bought some tickets to enter... why was that salesman even there? off-putting much.

we wandered the wide halls and spacious rooms and snooped in all the tiny cupboards, wondering where the gorgeous 1930s clothes would have been kept... i maintain there must've been an entire dressing room we missed, because it makes no sense that the master of the home's room would have a built in wardrobe, but the lady's didn't. unless he was up to something suss. she did have a spectacular bathroom though.

we weren't supposed to take pictures or touch anything inside the rooms - despite just about everything in there being labelled a "replica", but sometimes you just have to break the rules. rebel.

the gardens (and moat!) themselves are really, very pretty. the grounds were restored in the late 90s to mirror a tradition 1930s garden. they're now considered a rare and very fine example of an art deco design; the incorporation of the original medieval palace obviously adds a whole different dimension to the overall look of the grounds, and just, well, they're really bloody great! and, for just over a tenner to get in an explore (and free audio guide too!), it's a pretty easy way to kill a few hours and immerse yourself in some history.

and/or snoop through other people's homes.

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  1. Wow beautiful! The girl I used to sit next to work lived in Eltham, she never once mentioned to me there was a Palace!
    Eurgh, English Heritage is so annoying for trying to sell memberships, we have a Priory here and last time I went they wouldn't leave me alone - they pulled out a map and started trying to show me all of the places I could go, I knew I'd never end up getting my moneys worth but they still wouldn't listen to me!
    Chloe x

  2. Ah this has been on my list for aggggeeeesss. I'm such a history nerd. I'm in Greenwich tomorrow for a picnic, if it rains i'll see if I can persuade the boyfriend to go here!

  3. I don't think I'd even go to a place I had to pay to enter if I wasn't allowed to take pictures, lolol.

  4. i hear that! although, lots of people were snapping, so maybe they actually don't really care as much as they pretended to.

  5. oooh hopefully you managed to get him there!

  6. hahah, i guess so! your post is so so so good! next time, let us go together!

  7. people are so reluctant to enjoy the history of their own backyards though, right? like, when I mentioned the Wimbledon Fair, a few people (inc you!) who lived there, had no idea it was even on. it's IN TOWN. hahah!

  8. Ah thanks lovely! I love that you were brave enough to sit on her bathtub though ;) But I was also like "Where is her dressing room? Not even a walk in wardrobe?!" Lame. (Although I still liked their house.) Next time, together for sure! xx


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