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25 July 2014

it's a filofax afair

 filofax personal organiser c/o filofax | everything else : poundland | washi tapes : wilkos

i love stationery. there's no point hiding that fact, because get me anywhere near a paperchase or smiggle or hybrid craft/stationery shop like the works, and you've lost for the day. my personal stash of stationery is (usually; a lot didn't make the cut in the great move) really quite extensive, and even at work, my desk drawers are the drawers where all stationery seem to come to die. i have one of all the things, and the facilities department have had to question me on the quantity of my order... more than once. 

the one piece of organisational stationery that has always escaped me over the years though, is the filofax. starting this new job (today's my last day!) seemed to call for a new and improved, and possibly and even more organised erica, and so when the good folks at filofax came knocking with an organiser of my very own, well... who was i to resist? there was a catch though, as there always is. with the filofax came the challenge of pimping it out to the best of my ability, and then letting the filofax fans over on facebook choose their favourite entries to win even more of the filofax things. moar of the things! let's do this...

so, with a few days until payday, i knew that heading into paperchase would be a biiiiig mistake, so instead i headed for poundland on saturday. i had seen a few sticky bits and pieces in there before when i was looking for something else (probably stationery, let's be honest), so i thought i'd try my luck. i already had a few rolls of washi tape at home from when i was decorating my new room, and thankfully they were the right colour to coordinate with the organiser. not sure if just coincidence, but how happy do you reckon i was when i opened my parcel and saw they'd sent me a pink filofax?... very.

sadly, ye olde poundland came up kind of empty on the old scrap booking supplies front. i was able to pick up a few packs of glitter gel (duh) pens and some sharpie highlighters, as well as some ticky tacky clippy things and some neon post-it notes ("uhm, i invited post-its"). i hoped that combined with the washi tape at home, i would be able to fashion something quite 'pimped' out of that lot.

ok, so not quite as good as i had hoped, but ya know what... not bad for a first attempt, right? man alive i adore those glitter pens though, they're going to the new job with me for sure. look at the glitter! amazing! after a while of sticking tape on things and cutting papers out and sticking stuff in, i kinda got hooked on just filling out the important dates i have coming up - namely, my last day of work, the next night of musical bingo with the girlies this weekend, a trip to brighton pride on the 2nd of august, and -- the best date of them all -- my birthday holiday to austria with bex on august 27. 

so flippen excited for that one; it's been atop my travel bucket list for so so so sos osoososoos long, and finally, it's now booked, paid for, and actually happening. (oh, and there's my thirtieth marked in there too, let's not forget that... ok, let's). so, all in all, i had a fun hour or so trying to pimp my new organiser, and i'm fairly happy with the results! is it likely to win, well... i doubt that a lot. but, winning's not everything, right? it's the participating that counts. right? right.

so tell me, which picture should i submit to the prying eyes of the filofax fans?
leave your answers in the comments please!

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  1. I like the "Remember: Be Awesome" one! I really do love organisers. I bought a new one a couple of weeks ago and it's my new baby love <3 iPhone schmiPhone! Old school is where it's at xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  2. I'm sat at work, sooooo bored! just want it to end now :)

  3. Eugh I flipping LOVE stationary too and am now supremely jealous! I've always meant to buy a filofax but have never been able to settle on a design! x

  4. I say the third picture - with the three pens laying on top of your open filo w/ the to do list on top! So cute - and a nice spread of the stationary you're using! I love my filo :)

  5. Firstly, PRIDE! I will be there, let me know where you are as I would love to say hello :)

    Secondly, the filofax is soooo pretty! Mega jealous :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  6. I like the penultimate photo and the other one that's similar but from a slightly different angle. i have real commitment issues with stationery, and I don't think I could ever commit to a filofax even though I think they are really cool and I wish I was a "filofax person".

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  7. Sparkle (stationary geek) sisters for life, yo! I've got a personal sized Filofax too, it's my blogging bible! Yours is so cute, you can never have too much washi tape and stickers... xx


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