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1 July 2014

w.i.w.t | kiss the boys

dress : asos | jacket : dotti | crown + shoes + belt : primark | lippy : kate moss for rimmel #110

we need to talk about this dress. i debut it on instagram on friday, and i think i broke my phone with the amount of notifications i got on the picture in such a short amount of time. and then two days later, nubby wore it too. and i felt smug that i had beat her to it, because... i wore it first. 

regardless of the fact she doesn't know this, my truth remains. 

i nabbed this bad boy in the asos 25% off sale (before the great fire) and it was basically a pittance. i almost didn't buy it, because white, because: grubby, because: scared it would be too see-through for tights, but mostly because: asos brand which is notorious for being terrible quality. well. of course i still bought it, and it's actually none of those things. well, except white. it's definitely white.

it's a super relaxed jersey cotton stretch, nice and thick, and definitely not see-through. it has a nice sleeve on it too, which fills me with so much happy - i love a sleeve, me! it's a nice length, not too short, and it's bloody comfortable. this dress got two outings in as many days. don't judge me; it's too cute not to share with the masses! in hindsight i wish i wasn't wearing this jacket so you could see it in all it's glory.

oh well. suppose you'll just have to go follow me on instagram instead.


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  1. haha I liked it on instagram and commented about it because it IS that beautiful. I actually love it paired with the leather jacket and that black floral crown gives it quite the edgy look, even if it could be showed off on its own I like the way you accessorized it!

  2. I love it and it looks so fab with the floral crown.

  3. Love it...soooo gorgeous!! x

  4. Sooo cute <3

    xox Sammi


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